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What To Consider When Buying Maternity Clothes |

What To Consider When Buying Maternity Clothes

Two decades or more ago maternity clothes were as unattractive as they came. It’s like maternity clothes manufacturers tried to outdo one another in who could make the most ill-fitting and unappealing pregnancy clothing there were.

Looking back to this time when I was a young teen of 16/17, I remember seeing pregnant women and thinking how I wasn’t looking forward to becoming pregnant in future.

Thankfully, pregnancy fashion has changed – a great deal! Now you can be pregnant and still maintain a fashion style that’s not just comfortable, but also appealing.

However, picking the right pregnancy clothes starts with knowing what to look out for, so whether you are a first-time mom or already a veteran mom, if you are wondering what to consider when buying maternity clothes, this list right here should help make things a lot clearer.

What to consider when buying maternity clothes
What to consider when buying maternity clothes

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What To Consider When Buying Maternity Clothes

1) Comfort

This is usually uppermost on our mind when shopping for maternity clothes.

Pregnancy already comes with a lot of discomforts, what with the pregnancy symptoms you likely experience all day and you don’t want to add a dress that clearly makes you uncomfortable to the list.

If you’ve ever added a little weight at any time, think back to how you felt trying to fit in still into your old clothes – how tight and uncomfortable they were. That’s how you would feel if you tried to wear tight or uncomfortable clothing when pregnant.

At this time, you want to go for clothes with stretchy materials that are still fitting without being too tight.

Clothing made of spandex fabric makes a great choice at this point. These clothes aren’t just stretchy but are also breathable, so you aren’t left feeling too hot at any time.

Cotton is another good choice to consider as it is also breathable, soft, and lightweight.

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2) Durability

You also want to go for maternity clothes made with durable fabrics.

I remember getting a few outfits for my first pregnancy when I was pregnant with my daughter almost five years ago and still being able to wear these three years down the line when I became pregnant again.

Good maternity clothing is durable and even If you are thinking of hanging your boots after this current pregnancy, imagine the joy when you gift these outfits out to a friend.

What to consider when buying maternity clothes
What to consider when buying maternity clothes

3) Style

So…comfort and durability might be important, but so is style. No one says you have to ditch your sexy just because you are spotting a bump.

Actually, you can look a lot more attractive at this time. Pregnancy comes with a glow, and what better way to heighten this glow than through an outfit that’s easy on the eyes.

So…whatever your style, you should have an outfit that’s stylish, trendy, and comfortable for you.

The Women‘s Short Sleeve Maternity Dress is one pregnancy outfit that comes to mind here.

This outfit manages to strike that perfect balance between stylish, classy and casual and can be worn for just about any occasion from a baby shower to that special dinner hangout.

It also comes with a lot of room to grow, so you aren’t bothered buying new outfits every few weeks.

What to consider when buying maternity clothes
What to consider when buying maternity clothes

4) Versatility

This brings us to the next thing to consider, which is versatility. Your baby bump will increase in size every week – by about one centimeter – and while this change might not be so noticeable by the end of each week, you will notice the difference after a few weeks and unless you plan on getting a complete wardrobe overhaul every few weeks, you want to buy maternity clothes that will carry throughout your pregnancy.

The Ekouaer 3 in 1 Labor Delivery Maternity Nursing Tank Top is also a great choice too. This top comes with a lot of room, making it suitable for all stages of pregnancy. It can also be worn as a breastfeeding top, as well as a trendy top to be paired with your favourite jeans or leggings post breastfeeding.

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5) Affordability

If you are on a budget, then affordability should also be at the top of your list when buying maternity clothes.

Pregnancy lasts for just 38 -40 weeks (up to 42 on very rare occasions) and even when you strive to buy versatile maternity clothes, there might be one or two that are just that- pregnancy outfits – and might not fit in perfectly for other occasions.

You want to go for outfits that are stylish and comfortable without necessarily breaking bank.

The Ecavus Womens Casual Maternity Tops Striped Peplum and the Motherhood Maternity Women’s Essential Stretch Full Length Secret Fit Belly Leggings would be great choices in this case.

What to consider when buying maternity clothes
What to consider when buying maternity clothes

When To Start Buying Maternity Clothes

If you are wondering when to start buying maternity clothes, then you are not alone as every first-time pregnant woman will come to this stage. One thing you should know is that every pregnancy and body is different and consequently most women shop for maternity clothes at different types.

Your growing bump will determine when you need to make this trip. If you get to the point where it becomes uncomfortable to button your jeans, your tops start to feel slightly right and uncomfortable around your middle region, or you start to feel bloated, then you should know it’s time.

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