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7 Stunning Maternity Dresses You Should Consider Adding to Your Wardrobe

7 Stunning Maternity Dresses You Should Consider Adding to Your Wardrobe

As a pregnant woman, your stomach will expand 3,000 times during the course of your pregnancy. At first, you might not notice these changes. However, as your baby continues to grow and flesh out, you will notice some of your clothes become a little tighter around your mid rid and sometimes around other parts of your anatomy and this is when you would want to look into changing your wardrobe to include a few more fitting attire for the season.

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For some pregnant women, choosing maternity clothes is easy and is something they get done with by choosing a few dresses from the large or extra-large section of their favorite store. However, for a few others, choosing maternity clothing goes a little beyond that as they consider a few things before making this choice.

Maternity dresses
maternity clothes for mom to be

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4 Things You Should Consider When Buying Maternity Clothes

1) Comfort

This should be uppermost on every pregnant woman’s mind when selecting pregnancy clothing. Pregnancy already brings its arrays of discomfort and you don’t want the clothes you end up adding to this.

When selecting your maternity clothes, you want clothes that are easy to wear and make you as comfortable as possible.

There is some speculation that wearing tight pants affects the normal development of your baby, however, research is yet to prove this right. However, while these tight clothes won’t pose any harm to your baby (so long as they aren’t too tight), they will make you quite uncomfortable.

Your comfort and that of your baby should be uppermost on your kind, especially if you are going to be out of the house for several hours (it’s easier to change uncomfortable clothing when you are home).

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Once your baby starts to move, usually from the 16th to 24th week of your pregnancy, they will let you know once a dress is too tight and uncomfortable by the squirming-like movement they make. Another way to know this would be by the slight pain you will feel in your abdomen from the dress pressing against it.

Comfortable clothing leaves you free, with no pain or discomfort whatsoever.

2) Size

While you want to go for something slightly fitting, you also want to take into account the fact that you will be getting bigger as the weeks go by.

If you are like me who gets extremely huge, especially during the last trimester of pregnancy, then this can pose a little difficulty.

What you want to do, is opt for a maternity dress that allows for adjustments as you get bigger, that way you still keep your fitted dress when your bump is smaller and “loosen” it out much later.

Alternatively, you could just buy two sets of clothing if staying trendy is important to you (which it is to most of us). It will cost you a little more, but in the end, your happiness and comfort should be paramount.

Maternity dresses for moms

3) Style

The maternity dresses you chose should be comfortable and ones you find trendy. Never let anyone guilt-trip you into settlings for their style of clothing.

In the end, it is your pregnancy, and what with all the discomforts of pregnancy, wearing clothes you find comfortable and pretty will make you happy.

There are also a lot of styles to choose from and you don’t have to change your sense of style just because you are pregnant. You might need to make a few adjustments here and there, but these changes are usually not so great as to make it feel like an entirely different person.

4) Quality

I have a few maternity dresses I wore for my first pregnancy and they were still almost brand new when I rooted them out for my second, almost six years later.

Some fabrics are so high quality and durable, they will stand through several wears and washes you put them through. These are the types you want to go for.

Besides, there’s something quite endearing about wearing the same maternity dresses for two pregnancies. It fills you with a sense of joy only few moms would understand.

Maternity dresses for moms

How Much Maternity Clothes Do You Need?

So, contrary to the general notion, you don’t really need a wardrobe overhaul when you become pregnant. Your bump might not become visible for a while and your old clothing would suffice until then.

When it finally does, mostly from the fifth or sixth month for first-time moms and sometimes, earlier for old moms, you’ll find that a handful of maternity clothes will do.

If you are a stay-at-home mom, you would need even fewer clothes, since you’d only be stepping out once in a while for the occasional friendly visit, trip to the supermarket, or your antenatal appointments.

Here is a list of the maternity clothes you would be needing:

1) Two Maternity or Mummy Jeans

These are like your proverbial black dresses, which is why they come first on the list. Maternity jeans can be paired with any free blouse for whatever trip you need to take.

2) A Pair or Two of Black Leggings

The leggings will also work the same way as your jeans.

3) One or More Jackets

Your jacket of choice has to be somewhat big to be comfortable. Your regular jacket might not do at this time unless you added absolutely no visible weight.

Maternity wear

4) 3-4 Maternity Dresses

My favorite! These dresses are free and so comfortable. I had a few of these and they were always my first option when stepping out. I also had those worn ones I wore around the house.

Some women find jeans and leggings a little uncomfortable around the mids ection. You can settle this by throwing on a few comfortable dresses and they can be in whatever style you want!

5) A Few Long Tees or Tank Tops

A few long tees or tank tops to be paired with the jeans or leggings are also a must-have

Some of your old tees will still work here or you could just convert your partner’s.

A few studies have shown that most men love seeing their pregnant partners move about in their tees and t-shirts so take him up on this!

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6) A Dressy Dress

A dressy dress is also a must-have for those events you will find yourself attending. These might not come often, but when they do they can be a relief as you get to hang out with others and it takes your mind off the pregnancy discomfort you might be experiencing.

7) Maternity Underwear and a Few Good Supportive Bras

Finally, you would also be needing a few maternity underwear and supportive bras.

One of the best types of bras to buy at this time Is one that carries through after your baby arrives.

This bra type comes in styles that are unique and won’t just serve as support for your girls at this time, but will also make breastfeeding a lot easier and more comfortable.

Nursing bras fit perfectly into this category and buying these would save you from having to buy a new set of bras once your baby arrives.

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