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Kids Clothes: 7 Money Saving Shopping Tips For New Parents

Kids Clothes: 7 Money Saving Shopping Tips For New Parents

Every time I close my eyes and open them in a blink, my kids have added an inch and also put on some extra weight! I was constantly overshooting my clothing budget and the fact they are of different sexes didn’t seem to be helping the issue.

As a mom, I’m sure you can relate to this situation: one minute your kid looks dapper in an outfit, the next they have the pants hanging two inches above their heels.

To work around this, here are a few solutions that should help with your kids’ clothing:

money saving shopping tips
Kids clothes on a rack (money saving shopping tips)

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1) Buy Clothes a Few Sizes Larger

Like the next mom, I want my kids to look smart in whatever they wear. This is usually uppermost on my mind when shopping. However, I make a little compromise on this (only a little though).

When shopping it’s important to plan your kids’ clothes shopping around their growth. If you don’t, you could be wasting money.

This is where you want to strike a balance:

Kids’ growth + smart dressing = Ideal kids clothes

The clothes you finally settle for should be ones your kids will be able to wear for up to two years. They should look good enough in them right now and much smarter when the clothes become their perfect sizes.

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2) Find Outfits That Can be Converted

Sometimes you’ll struggle to find matching outfits for your kids, especially on outings. Outfits that come in a reversible style, will be great for such occasions.

For example, I stumbled upon this cute sleeveless jacket that doubles as a dual jacket. It’s made of soft cream fur on the outside and a black and white polka dot on the inside. The seams and sides are so neat that my daughter and I have a fun time flipping the jacket inside out to style different outfits.

Another style that will work just fine is a long flared skirt that could also be worn around the chest and cinched with a belt to make a cute little gown to be paired with a jacket.

The list for such smart dressing is endless. Just play around with clothing and styles until you find a few that work for you.

Kids clothes on a rack

3) Save at The Clearance Racks

Out with the old and in with the new! This is usually the motto for stores that run clearance sales.

You can snatch up a few terrific outfits at the clearance rack and also save a bundle while at it. Almost every store has these. In addition, if you wait for a big sale you can save even more. If you are lucky, you will find a few stores still go ahead to mark down the clearance outfits further at the cash register.

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4) Hand Me Downs Also Work

I have two bags filled with clothes that are no longer Isabella or Nathan’s sizes and I’m on the lookout for a family or friend to pass these to.

Most close family and friends always want to give out their kids’ small clothes. The best part is that not all of these clothes are not used (although used clothes are also not bad since they’d still be in perfect wearable conditions), but they may also have new clothes that their kids didn’t have a chance to wear. If you decide to accept these clothes, you’d be saving yourself some money, especially if they have some clothing you would have bought.

money saving shopping tips
Kids clothes buying: Top money saving tips for moms

5) Consider Thrift Stores

You likely have one or more favorite stores where you get most of your kids’ items, but sometimes, going out of your comfort zone could get you the same or even better results.

Besides these favorite stores, I also visit a thrift store to get a few items. I turned up my nose the first time I visited one and I must have scurried inside as I didn’t want to chance anyone I knew seeing me shop there (yea, I’m ashamed to admit this now), however, I was amazed at the number of quality items I found inside.

Isabelle even wore one of the pretty pink tops I got there from when was six months up until she was fifteen months old.

Kids clothes
Kids clothes shopping tips to save money

6) Mix Up Your Kids’ Clothing

You also want to look into mixing up these outfits; a mixture of kids clothes got online and in thrift stores, hand-me-downs, and custom-made outfits.

I make clothes, so this comes a little easier for me. However, you could reach out to a friend or family member who sews to make a few of these outfits for you.

7) Exchange Old Clothes for Cash

Sell the clothes your kids no longer wear or fit into on Depop, The RealReal, eBay, thredUP, or Etsy. There are quite a few sites to trade these clothes in for some cash. You may not make as much as you originally paid for them, however, you would earn some of your money back to get fitting clothing for your kids at their current ages.

If getting the most use out of the clothes you buy for your kids is important to you, then the seven tips in this post are just what you need. You want to take these ideas with you the next time you go shopping for your kids. You’ll feel good about the clothes you buy and will save some money while at it.

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