New mom essentials for baby

New Mom Essentials for Baby: 13 Essential Items Every Mom Should Have in Her Bag

13 Essential Items Every Mom Should Have in Her Bag (New Mom Essentials for Baby)

New mom essentials for baby. Make every outing a comfortable and relaxing one with this list!

No one says you have to be couped up in the house all day, every day just because you are a new mom. Granted, you will want to spend a few weeks postpartum recovering from the rigours of the birthing journey.

There might even be days weeks later when you want nothing more than to just stay home with your baby, resting and soaking up all the care you can get.

However, if you are like most moms, you would be itching to get back to your life before baby, or at the very least, go out sometimes and this is where you would have to make some minor adjustments to your previous outing routines.

Before I had my first child, I could hit the road with just a small purse slung across my shoulders. This changed on our first outing together. As a mom, what was uppermost on my mind was keeping my daughter as comfortable as I possibly could outside the house and this meant going out with a few essentials.

Here are the essentials that will make life comfortable for you and your baby during each outing:

A young mother with her child in the park. (New mom essentials for baby)

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1) A Big Bag

Out with the old and in with the new! This will be your new handbag for the next one year and even beyond.

When I was shopping for a bag, I opted for one that has a lot of room and lots of pockets. I hate having to rummage through a bag looking for items, so this was a necessity for me. With a big bag, I could comfortably place large items within the main bag compartment and store small items I wanted quick access to in the pockets.

The beauty about big bags is that they come in all sizes and designs, so whether you want the backpack with extendable nappy bag that goes behind, leaving both hands free or you would rather not deviate from the regular bag type you are used to, you will find one that suits your taste.

2) Extra Diapers

Extra diapers are just about the most important item you need on any outings with your baby.

I made the mistake of going out without extra diapers one time since I was only going a few houses away. Nathan, my son, chose that exact day to have a blowout, causing me a lot of embarrassment when I had neither the diaper nor wipes to clean him up.

I recommend having two to three extra diapers on each outing, what way you are covered, come what may.

3) A Change of Outfits

A change of outfits is a must and carrying one should be a habit until your baby is well into her toddler years.

The one she has on could get soiled from a feed or a blowout and you want the convenience of changing it with ease, not leaving her strapped to you to hide her messy clothes.

Newmom essentials for baby
Essential items for baby and toddler, along with a diaper bag to pack them in. (New mom essentials for Baby)

4) Wipes

A wipe is a lifesaver that keeps your baby healthy.

Dirty diapers disrupt your baby’s skin natural PH, leaving her prone to irritants and other breakouts.

Thankfully, wipes are not very expensive, with prices ranging from $9 and $40 in price, depending on the brand you are going for and the extra perks you want from it.

5) 6-8 Ounces Feeding Bottle (1)

Your bag should also contain a 6-8 oz feeding bottle filled with already-made baby food.

This was a must item for me if I was going to be away from the house them or more hours. I would feed my babies this when they got hungry while it was still warm and then breastfed them for subsequent feeds.

6) Bottle Warmer

This ensured the food stayed warmer for longer. Bottle warmers are another essential, especially if you are going to be out a several hours. They are portable, insulated, and can also be used to warm breast milk, which is great news if you are exclusive.

7) Pacifier

A pacifier will soothe your baby when she gets fussy. It might even calm her enough to lure her to sleep so carrying one will come in handy. You will have a range to choose from to not just keep your baby calm, but keep him comfortable while at it.

New mom essentials for baby
A young mother with her newborn baby girl inside a home. (New mom essentials for baby)

8) A Change of Bibs

Your bag should also contain a few extra bibs. Some moms leave one on their baby’s neck from home and change it only when it gets soiled.

I tried this once, but didn’t quite like this fashion, even though I’d tried to coordinate the bib to match my son’s outfit. It’s a lot easier to just have a main one and a few extras tucked in your bag’s side pocket for quick retrieval.

Having two extra bibs stored in one of my bag pockets worked just fine for me and this was what I stuck with.

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9) A Disposal Bag

This isn’t exactly a must for disposing of used diapers. Some moms just shake the human waste into the toilet, give the diaper a rinse, and then ball it up before dropping it into the trashcan.

If you would rather keep things a little tidier, then you could throw the diaper into a bag before disposing of it.

What I did when my kids were younger, was get a few ziplock bag for storing items, and every time one got worn out, I stored it to be used as a diaper disposal bag. Alternatively, you could use the Ubbi Disposable Diaper Sacks . They come smelling nice (lavender scented) and are easy-to-tie.

New mom essentials for baby
New mom essentials for baby

10) Water

Another must-have, if your baby is off exclusive or now on mixed feeding, is a bottle of water.

Filling up a 4-6 ounce bottle halfway with water will do the trick or you could just get a sippy cup that comes with an air-tight lid.

11) Diaper Cream

This is not exactly a must-have on each outing, however, it can save you a lot of headaches in the future. Since diaper rash creams help prevent diaper rashes and other skin blemishes, using one with each diaper change comes strongly recommended.

A can of Desitin Maximum Strength Diaper Rash Cream to be applied with each diaper change also goes into one of the pockets in the bag.

I’ve found that diaper rash creams are not just effective for treating diaper rashes, but also help prevent them.

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12) A Small Toy

My baby’s favourite toy also goes into the bag and this has helped keep my baby distracted one too many times.

13) Your Personal Essentials

This is usually the last set of items that goes into my bag. Once every other thing is fixed in, then I try to fit in personal essentials like my phone, a really flat purse for money, a hand sanitizer, and my credit card, and any other item ill be needing on this trip.

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