How to take newborn photos at home.

How to Take Newborn Photos at Home

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How to Take Newborn Photos at Home

Bringing your newborn home is a happy moment; that angelic face can fill you with love and keep you staring for days on end. You want to capture every little detail of her face to commit it to memory, especially as she is growing by the day and fast leaving that fleeting newborn phase.

Luckily, you can capture those adorable moments as a keepsake in a photoshoot. The best part is that you can get this photoshoot done yourself at home if you would love to share that special moment with your little one and also save yourself the pricey $200 to $300 an hour fee that could better be spent on other items for your baby.

When to Take a Newborn Photoshoot

The best time to take a newborn photoshoot is five to ten days after you put to bed and no later than two weeks. And while some argue you can have a newborn photoshoot anytime, even after a month, you will find that as your baby grows, he loses a bit of that newborn essence. If your goal is that capture that “newborn-ness” in its entirety, then leaving off the newborn photoshoot till late will give you cute, adorable pictures of your baby, however, they would likely be lacking that newborn demeanor.

How to take newborn photos at home.
How to take newborn photos at home

How to Take Newborn Photos at Home Yourself

If you’ve decided to have your newborn photoshoot done yourself, then there are a few things you would need to know and also get in place to have the perfect photos that would rival those seen on Pinterest.

First off though, you want to put some things in place to ensure your baby is safe at all times.

Here are some safety measures recommended for newborn photoshoots;

  • A newborn’s eyes are not as developed and bright light from a camera flash can actually do some damage to his eyes.
  • Some poses may look adorable in pictures but could be harmful to your baby, curving her spine. You want to keep the poses as natural as possible.
  • Newborns can be cranky, so finding the perfect time and place will ensure you get the best results for your effort. Mornings and early Moon’s have been found to produce some of the best results in these photoshoots.
How to take newborn photos at home

That said, here are six tips to know to have the time of your life during your newborn photoshoot:

1) Look for The Perfect Location (s)

The perfect location will give you the best result. It should be one that has the best lighting.

The sun is usually the best lighting to use in this case.

You might want to go round your house a few days leading up to the photoshoot to find ideal positions where the lighting is best and natural. If it helps, take a few shots at these spots from different angles to see how they turn out.

2) Get Your Studio Set Up

Once you find those perfect spots, you should set them up so they are ready before the big day. Getting the props and other necessary items for your baby photo shoot organized and closer to the spot of the shoot a day or two before the shoot itself will save you a lot of time and stress.

You might need to move some stuff around and take some completely out to create that perfect scene.

3) Gather the Props and Accessories You’ll Be Needing

You really do not need so many props to have that perfect newborn photoshoot. Remember, your baby is the main focus, not the multitude of accessories used. And although the right accessories will add to the moment, you don’t necessarily have to go overboard.

The main props and accessories you need for your newborn photoshoot include:

  • A camera (and a backup camera for eventualities)
  • Newborn posing beanbag or donut prop
  • Baskets, crates, or buckets (to place your baby in and one of each or even just one of the items will do)
  • Wraps and blankets (for swaddling)
  • Chairs (beautiful ones), dresser, or the bed (also to place your baby on
  • Mini Outfits
  • Headbands and hats

4) Get Every Other Thing Sorted

Now that you have the props and the accessories you’ll be needing in place, you want to get every other thing sorted before the shoot starts.

These include getting the environment comfortable for your baby and to do this, you would need to get the room as warm as possible for her. A heater can always get the job done or you could just use a heating pad to get the spot warmed and remove just before you place your baby.

You should also try to get your baby as comfortable as possible.

Ensuring she has a full stomach will ensure there are fewer to no incidents of crankiness.

Having the shoot when she’s asleep also works great; not only will the shoot go smoothly, but the pictures will come out great seeing as babies are much calmer and more endearing when asleep.

5) Take the Shots

Once you start shooting, you want to take a lot of pictures in different positions and from different angles.

Doing so will ensure you have a whole lot to choose from and can select the very best. Some of the best baby photo shoot photos have been taken this way

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