How to simplify your life as a mom

How To Simplify Your Life as a Mom (11 Ways)

If you are overworked as a mom and feel stressed most of the time here’s how to simplify your life through little life adjustments.

How To Simplify Your Life as a Mom (11 Ways)

There are twenty-four hours in a day, but, as moms, we need up to forty-eight hours

There’s just so much to do, but so little time to get them done!

I remember when I first became a mom; I became a helper to a baby who required 100% of my time and attention and I still had to hold down my first role as a wife, carrying out the regular everyday activities like cooking, cleaning, and organizing.

Of course, things got overwhelming pretty quickly and I remember being fagged out at the end of each day and waking up tired the next morning.

As a mom, you would have to be intentional about simplifying your life, if you want to live healthier. Life doesn’t make adjustments just because we become moms, as I came to realize. You would have to try a few strategies (sometimes even mix and match a few), before you get one that works for you.

Like my kid sister would always say:

“There is no award for drudgery and unnecessary work.”

You should always make your mental health and well-being a priority by seeking out ways to achieve your goals with very little to no stress. If you can develop some strategies to achieve this, then you should go for it.

How to simplify your life as a mom
How to simplify your life as a mom

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Here are some I have incorporated into my life for the past seven years that have helped a ton:

1) Plan Your Weekly Activities Ahead

“When you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

This statement might seem like something only entrepreneurs take seriously, however, it does cut across all facets of life.

Planning your week ahead helps put things in perspective and also gives you a lot more control over how it goes.

For this, I use a weekly planner. My husband gifted me a beautiful planner for my birthday some years back and I always get a new one when the old gets used up.

Adopting this method won’t just help you manage your time, but you are also likely to become a lot more productive.

2) Cook Your Meals for the Week

So…beyond planning your weekly schedule and activities, you also want to plan out your meals for the week.

I already have a meal timetable with a list of possible meals to cook as well a the timeframe for each.

Truthfully, I don’t follow this timetable all the time. However, I’ve found having one saves me the anxiety of trying to think up a meal to prepare all the time.

Sundays are my cooking days when I prepare these meals ahead.

Meals can be cooked, served in small bowls, and refrigerated. Of course, there will be those meals that would have to be prepared daily. However, a few meals already stored would greatly reduce the stress of the coming week.

3) Get Your Partner to Babysit the Kids

My partner and I practice a strategy where for a few hours over the weekend (whenever he’s home) he watches over the kids while I take this timeout to catch up on some much-needed rest.

It’s only a few hours, one day of the week, but this time is usually enough to restore me to my mom’s default mode, with the stress and anxiety of the week faded away.

How to simplify your life as a mom

4) Hire a Babysitter

Babysitters are not just for when you need to make a quick dash to the supermarket or when you have a date night with your partner. These guys can be lifesavers.


I have had a babysitter, who I have used over the years, come over to watch my kids while I catch up on some chores that need attending to or just take a little time out to rest.

5) Tune-Up Your Multi-tasking Skill

I always say there’s a reason why women can multi-task and do so effortlessly.

This ability comes into play a lot when you become a mom and it will help you tons. However, there’s one thing you should know, and that’s the fact multitasking can also be a two-edged sword.

Multi-task right and you get some extra time (sometimes a lot) to rest. Do it wrongly, and you’d feel stretched thin and become less productive.

I never advocate having more than two activities or chores going at the same time. For instance, you could have the washing machine running and still go ahead to vacuum the living room. If you tried to add a third, you most likely would do all at below 100%.

6) Leverage on Technology

Technology has come to help you save money and time and you should take advantage of this.

Here are a few ways technology can help you as a mom:

  • Make use of the Amazon Echo or smart home device, which serves as a sort of home assistant.
  • Have your groceries shopped online and delivered to your doorstep and save yourself the hours of the trip.
  • Save yourself the stress of having to look over your kids’ shoulders by monitoring their access and use of certain apps.
  • If you spend a lot of hours sorting and planning the bills weekly or monthly, then you want to consider automating these bill payment tasks.
How to simplify your life as a mom

7) Get the Kids to Help Out

If your kids are older, then you also want to get them to help out around the house. You could assign a particular task to everyone and this will save you from feeling stressed trying to get everything done yourself.

For younger kids ages three to five years, you could try making activity time a fun time so they enjoy it. They could start out with very simple tasks like picking up and storing their toys properly and picking up others as they grow.

My kids and I do this and we play a sing-along song to make it more fun. We also try to see who can pick up the most toys and the winner gets a small present (which is usually anything).

8) Practice Some Self Care

Lastly, you want to prioritize self-care. Like I often tell my mom friends, taking care of yourself makes you a better and more effective mom.

You’ll be more effective at helping to solve your kid’s complaints from school and around the home when you are in a good place yourself.

So make self-care just as important as caring for your kids, partner, and home. Self-care isn’t selfish.

9) Have Some Alone Time

A lot similar to practicing some self-care, but the difference here is that during your alone time you choose to do anything.

This time should be spent doing absolutely things you love, no questions asked.

If you enjoy watching movies, then this would be a great time to catch up on some of your favorite series and dramas, without a chore that needs to be done nagging at your subconscious.

At the end of a few hours, you’ll find you feel refreshed mentally and every other way and can give your best once again to daily living.

How to simplify your life as a mom

10) Spend Less Time on Social Media

The social media is great, but it also has its ills.

Spending time on your favourite social media platform promoting your business or even checking up on friends are great ways to spend your time but if you aren’t careful, you could fall a victim to the evils of the social media world.

For one, besides the potential to be a huge time waster, some social media platforms present you an unreal world.

You see updates of friends and even foes with lives that are success stories; acing every single event in their lives and having no real-life struggles. It’s so easy to believe you are the only one in your circle not where you should be.

It’s always best though that you take everything you see on social media with a pinch of salt and know that you are probably better off than a lot of people with their fake perfect lives.

11) Connect with Other Moms

I’ll also recommend connecting with other moms out there. There’s just so much you get opened up to when you join mom groups or build a network of like-minded moms.

Besides the potential to acquire real-life knowledge on things, you are also like to make some good friends this way.

My friends and I joke that there’s a certain grace that comes upon you to be a supermom the minute you become a mom.

Final Words

However, even superman took breaks time and again and every mom should too to be better.

Seeking out ways to make your life simpler, is taking care of your mental health which invariably makes you a much more productive mom and a healthier person.


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