How to Get Pregnant with Low Sperm Count

How to Get Pregnant with Low Sperm Count (9 Proven Tips)

Low sperm count is one of the top causes of infertility for men. However, research has shown that men with this condition can still go ahead to conceive with their partner. Here’s how to get pregnant with low sperm count

How to Get Pregnant with Low Sperm Count

Wondering how to get pregnant with low sperm count? This post right here contains every single tip you need to make this happen.

It seems funny anyone would suggest you try to get pregnant with a low sperm count, right? The next logical course of action for anyone after getting the diagnosis you have a low sperm count is to try to boost it, right, not try to get pregnant.

Low sperm count is a very common male fertility issue. However, a few couples with this issue still go on to get pregnant.


Research has found that for any couple, getting your partner pregnant is hinged on a few factors, and not just the number of sperms you release during each do.

To fully understand this condition, here are a few things you should know about sperm count and fertility.

How to get pregnant with low sperm count

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What is Low Sperm Count?

Your partner will be said to have a low sperm count if he produces less than 15 million sperm per milliliter of ejaculate.

It’s important to understand that this count is measured per milliliter and not the whole ejaculate. Since men produce an average of 1.5 to 2 milliliters per ejaculate, this means he should have 23 million to over a hundred million sperm per ejaculate.

Beyond this, healthy sperm count is also measured based on how the sperms move (motility) and are shaped (morphology).

  • Sperm Motility

A sperm’s motility refers to how the sperms move. Not all the sperms will move in a forward movement toward the egg like they are supposed to. Some will move to the sides, some in circles, and others, not at all.

A man is said to have healthy motility if he has over 40% of his sperm swimming forward to meet the egg.

  • Sperm Morphology

Sperm morphology refers to the shape and size of the sperms. A normal sperm will have an oval head and a tail. Bad sperm will have abnormalities like a large head, two heads, two talks, or a crooked tail.

Every man has a number of these bad sperms mixed in with the good ones. Bad sperm morphology has been linked to pregnancy loss or birth defects.

For a sperm sample to be considered as having good morphology around 4 – 14% of the released sperm should have a normal shape and size.

How to get pregnant with low sperm count

What Causes Low Sperm Count?

Several factors could cause low sperm count in a man and these include:

  • Genetics (your DNA could be causing you to produce less sperm)
  • Infection
  • Varicocele
  • Prolonged exposure of the groin to heat
  • Exposure to industrial chemicals
  • Exposure to heavy metal
  • Excessive alcohol intake
  • Being overweight
  • Retrograde ejaculation where the sperm goes into the bladder, instead of out upon ejaculation.
  • Antibodies that attack the sperm
  • Undescended testicles
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Use of certain drugs like marijuana, and cocaine as well as testosterone replacement drugs.

Some Signs of Low Sperm Count to Look Out For

If you are unsure whether your man has a low sperm count, here are some obvious signs to look out for:

  • A low sex drive.
  • Difficulties maintaining an erection.
  • Pain or swelling in the groin region.
  • Reduced facial or body hairs.
  • Difficulties getting your partner pregnant.

How a Baby is Formed

The entire process of a baby being formed is quite unique. During intercourse 20 to 150 million sperm get deposited in the vagina. However, some sperms will be too weak, have abnormal shows, or will be slow swimmers and flow out of the vagina while the rest continue the journey.

The other millions proceed to the cervix entrance, where the cervical mucus, having become much lighter in consistency, due to ovulation, makes it easier for the sperm to swim into the uterus. However, millions still won’t make it through and their journey ends there.

Sperm that make it through continue to swim toward the fallopian tube. Once inside the uterus, the sperm again fave some difficulties; your immune system mistakes these sperm for invaders, and attacks them, killing a few million more. Those that survive continue the journey toward the uterus

How to Get Pregnant with Low Sperm Count

Being diagnosed with a low sperm count doesn’t mean the couple can’t get pregnant. It only means it might take slightly longer than usual.

While a healthier couple could get pregnant within six months of having regular, unprotected sex, a couple struggling with low sperm count might take anywhere from a month to as long as a few years.

However, it can happen to you, especially when you practice the right methods for this condition.

Here’s how to get pregnant with low sperm count

  • Keep Trying

Because a man with a low sperm count still produces a moderate to fairly good amount of sperm, there is still some chance of a pregnancy occurring.

While a lot of the sperm die before getting to the egg, you only need one healthy sperm for pregnancy to occur.

When you keep trying on your fertile days, you increase the chances of a positive outcome, especially if your man is trying to improve his count at the same time.

Getting the frequency of sex is also important. Again studies have found men produce better quality sperm after some abstinence of 1 -2 days.

  • Have Sex During the Early Hours of the Day

Research has shown that sperm count is higher during the early hours of the day for all men, so you want to target this timeframe.

Remember the more the number of healthy and active sperm you have, the higher your chances.

  • Try out certain sex positions

It certainly isn’t a myth that certain sex positions aid your quest when trying to get pregnant. This is because these sex positions allow for a deeper penetration, which means the sperm will be released much closer to the cervix, giving them less journey to travel.

Some of these positions you want to try out include missionary and doggy.

  • Work to Improve Your Sperm Count

You also increase your chances when your condition improves. Thankfully, there are several options open to men, from minor lifestyle adjustments to natural means and even the use of certain medications.

With most of these methods you should begin to see some noticeable improvement in 60 – 90 days.

Men produce sperm daily, around 20–300 and in 64 days you should have your whole sperm regeneration cycle complete

How to Improve Your Sperm Count

What can a man take to boost his sperm?

A lot!

The list of what your man can take to improve this condition abounds and this is good news.

Here are some of the things you can do

1) Improve your diet

Some types of foods, especially ones that include fruits and veggies have been known to improve sperm count fast.

Here are twenty-one super-foods you want to include in your diet for quick results: green leafy veggies, beans, bananas, oranges, fiji berries, pomegranate, guavas, kiwis, pumpkin seeds avocado, blueberries, tomatoes, eggs, ground nuts, walnuts, mushrooms, beef, garlic, oysters, liver, and salmon.

You also want to include supplements like fenugreek, maca roots, and ashwagandha.

While including those foods and supplements, you should avoid trans fat and take high-fat dairy sparingly.

2) Exercise regularly

You also should adopt the habit of exercising if you aren’t already doing so as this reduces inflammation which in turn helps promote healthier sperm.

A study found that men that engage in up to 15 hours of high-intensity exercises like running, jogging, and weight-lifting recorded 73% more sperm count.

3) Avoid Exposure to heat

Since heat is damaging to sperm health, this is another area you want to take seriously.

Men who constantly expose their groin to heat from laptops, bicycling, and even saunas experience a lower sperm motility and vitality.

4) Reduce alcohol intake

Excess alcohol in the system campers with a man’s testosterone levels, which in turn affects the semen production.

You want to reduce your alcohol intake when trying to conceive and take no more than five units of alcohol each week.

5) Avoid tobacco and marijuana use

Like alcohol, smoking could harm semen quantity, sperm count, and quality.

6) Reduce stress

Stress affects sperm count, motility, and morphology, and the more prolonged the stress the deeper the sperm issues.

Some quick ways to relieve stress include taking a walk, listening to your favorite music, trying some progressive relaxation, and taking green tea.

7) Get optimum sleep daily

You also should gun for the recommended 7 – 8 hours of sleep daily. Besides making you feel rested, getting enough sleep also ensures that the part of the brain that influences sperm production also gets enough fest and can function optimally.

8) Work with a fertility expert

Working with a fertility expert will also bring you quick results, especially if you have any other medical conditions.

Some medications for certain illnesses like hypertensive drugs have been known to bring on unpleasant side effects, including low sperm count.

Some specialists you want to see include a urologist and an endocrinologist.

9) Take a good prenatal vitamin

Taking prenatal for at least three to six months also works and you want to be on the lookout for the following ingredients in any prenatal you buy folic acids zinc black cumin, selenium, and coQ10.

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