How I met my husband

How I Met My Husband – Our Love Story

How I Met My Husband – My Love Story

How I met my husband. 

I’ve been asked this a couple of times. Everyone loves a good love story, especially if you’ve been together a while and are still going strong.

I guess there’s a hopeless romantic in all of us, no matter how we try to pretend otherwise.

I know I have asked this question of friends a few times and relished their love stories when they were told.

When we see two people together, so obviously in love, we want to know their story; how they met, the moments leading up to the realization they were made for each other, how they professed their love for each other, and how it’s been ever since.

When people ask how I met my husband, I know they are thinking the same, so I oblige them, happy to relieve my love story over and over again and hoping they enjoy listening to it as much as I’ve loved living it.

How I met my husband
How I met my husband: our love story

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How I Met My Husband : Our Chanced Meeting

I met my husband sometime in 2014. Contrary to some people who meet their partner and instantly know they have met their better halves (some people say they know this man is the one because their stars align at that same moment).

Yeah right! Like they saw this happen. Lol

I met my husband and there were no sparks.

None. Zilch. Nada.

Truthfully, I didn’t even like him in that special way. He just wasn’t the type of guy I’ve always fancied and there was absolutely zero interest on my part.

Why we met?

I’m a little tech-inclined. Actually, I love tech a lot and was looking to learn to develop websites. I’d gone through a few tutorials on and also watched some videos on the subject, but anyone who’s ever taken a programming course knows you need more than these online outlets could offer. A whole lot more.

I’d got to a point where I knew only a one-on-one course or coaching could take me past the mental roadblock I was experiencing and so I sought one out.

I guess it’s true when they say when you want something, it consumes you and becomes all you see. I soon stumbled upon my husband’s flyer and decided to go in search of him.

The Meeting

The meeting was uneventful. Like I said earlier, there were no sparks. I made my inquiries as professionally as I could, found out what he offered was WordPress training, a course slightly different from what I wanted, and politely turned it down.

He offered a discount, but I wasn’t buying. I wanted to learn to code from scratch and I was looking to learn PHP or some other programming language, not tweak some codes already designed by someone else. 

So I left and luckily, found what I wanted soon enough.

His Persistence

Five months later, I stumbled upon a message on my Facebook inbox, right in the Message Request folder. Since we weren’t friends on the platform, Facebook must have marked the message spam and diverted it there.

A little investigation showed two more messages and they’d all been sent over four months ago and then the message-sending stopped.

I guess he concluded there was no point sending any more since they all went unanswered.

Christmas Eve 2014

I grew up in a Christian household, under the tradition of spending Christmas Eve in church. This tradition was as old as time and I loved it.

December 24th, 2014 was no different and there I was catching up with a friend I hadn’t seen in a while right there in my local church when I felt a pair of eyes boring holes into my back. I turned and looked straight into a pair of eyes that seemed somewhat familiar. He however was making no moves to come to me, so after a moment, I went to him.

(Later on, I discovered he’d held back from coming out of fear of being rebuffed as be thought I’d done to his messages).

Getting closer I realized who he was and reintroduced myself. We spent a little while chatting and I apologized for not replying to the messages, informing him Facebook didn’t deliver them to my main inbox. I made it back to my friends soon after and thought that was the end of it.

His Persistence Getting Annoying?

I didn’t think we would meet so soon after that day as we didn’t even have any means of communicating save Facebook (and possibly a chance meeting in church) and since we’d already established that wouldn’t work, I thought that was it.

However, I discovered him waiting for me at the entrance at the end of service the next Sunday. How he knew that was my favorite and most-used exit beats me to this day.

I saw him standing there and thought it was a coincidence. We walked to the church shuttle together, making small talks and just getting a little more acquainted, then parted ways a little while later.

I think I started suspecting the whole “entrance meetings” were planned when the same thing happened the next Sunday. He also offered to walk me home when I got to my bus stop.

How I met my husband
How I met my husband

A Little Break…

I forgot to mention earlier that at this time, I was with someone who happened to be ghosting me at this time, reaching out once every so often.

I was with someone but was very much single and very lonely.

My heart wasn’t in the right state at this point and I guess the last thing I needed was another guy who would come all sugar and spice only to morph into something else much later.

Back to How I Met My Husband…

This dude was so intent on walking me home every single Sunday and right there I realized I hadn’t been firm enough in letting him know I didn’t want what he was offering. So I told him. In. Plain. Words.

He wasn’t crushed like I thought he would be, only smiled and bade me goodbye.

Thank God!

I got a text from him the next morning intimating me of his entire plans for the day and inviting me to visit his office if I could spare the time. He literally sent me his schedule for the day; every single location he would be at and the time.

This happened the next day and the next.

I ignored this.

However, this became a norm at 8 am every day.

Then another message came in a few hours later, and yet another reminded me he was still in the office and would I come over, please if I could spare the time.

At this point, I wasn’t exasperated…I was intrigued.

This guy obviously didn’t take no for an answer and had a calm way of pushing on.

My boyfriend at the time, was drop-dead handsome, knew it, and never would have spared a lady another thought or attention if she turned down his first date. (Yeah, he could be a complete jerk. Guess I stayed put thinking things would go back to how they were at the beginning).

This guy, on the other hand, was kind of like an average Joe, but he’d struck something in me

So, I went to see him. 

He wasn’t expecting this. I’d rebuffed his offer to visit him so often he said he didn’t think I ever would.

(Which made me wonder why he kept pushing though).

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Things sort of spiraled from there and soon we were a sort of item, going on dates and spending every day together.

I got to realize there was a depth and substance to him I hadn’t seen in most men in a while and I enjoyed his company. He was thoughtful, kind, considerate, and above all, very SELFLESS.

At first, I thought it was all an act, but watching him relate with others made me realize it likely wasn’t and so I settled down to enjoy what would become one of the best relationships I’d ever been in.

Things were going smoothly, until two weeks later…

He proposed!

I freaked! I panicked, wanting to fly out of his house as fast I could.

There he was, on one knee with a box of chocolate In one hand and a rung in the other.

It was so surreal; like a movie from a romantic flick.

Who proposes to a woman after just two weeks of dating?!

My husband, that’s who.

I must have stayed in that spot for all of five minutes, while he remained kneeling his hand still stretched towards me. 

A lot of thoughts played through my head at this point; I wondered if I was being punked, or if this was some dream I would soon be snapping awake from.

I did soon enough though and told him I couldn’t accept his proposal.

Heck, he shouldn’t even be proposing in the first place. 

How I met my husband

He went on trying to convince me it was the right decision and he’d been sure from the moment I walked into his office.

Errr…again, movie-like!

Those were the sort of lines you heard in romantic movies that would have you rolling your eyes, but still making excuses for the cast.

This was real and I wasn’t about to gamble my life and happiness away with I guy I didn’t know from Adam.

Yeah, I’d seen a glimpse of his persona, but that could very well still be an act. People have pretended for much longer.

Besides, he also didn’t know me deeply. Of course, at this point, I was still putting all of my good qualities in front and he hadn’t seen any of those little idiosyncrasies that might drive him crazy.

In the end, his words convinced me, I accepted his proposal, especially as we both agreed to a long courtship to get to know each other and see if we were suited for each other.

Of course, he brought up the idea we could go our separate ways if we found weren’t compatible and I couldn’t agree more 

It’s been six years, going on seven with two kids down the line and I must say agreeing to become his wife has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Of course, we have those moments when we disagree or can’t seem to stand each other, however, these are only temporary, fueled by momentary anger and they pass away quickly.

My husband is everything I ever wanted in a man; my very own real life Prince Charming and I am glad for the privilege to share this life with him.

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