How to boost fertility naturally

7 Quick Ways to Boost Fertility Naturally in Females

7 Ways to Boost Fertility Naturally in Females

For some new couples, having kids is part of their few year’s plan. However, a few couples will experience some delay in actualizing this dream.

Childbirth delay or infertility is a somewhat common problem as 1 in 8 couples will experience it. These fertility issues could be from the man, woman, both parties, or have no explanation whatsoever.

Research has shown that 30 -40% of infertility stems from the woman, 30% from the man, and 30% as combined or unexplained infertility.

Boosting your fertility, therefore, starts with knowing where the delay is from as well as what type of infertility it is.

How to boost fertility naturally
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Types of Infertility

Two types of infertility could affect a man or a woman:

  • Primary Infertility
  • Secondary Infertility

Primary Infertility

Primary infertility occurs when a couple trying to get pregnant is unable to after over a year of active, unprotected sex.

If the woman is over 35 years of age, then they will be diagnosed as having primary fertility issues after only six months of trying.

Secondary Infertility

Secondary infertility, on the other hand, occurs when a couple has had one or more kids, but experience some delays when trying for another.

Like primary infertility, secondary infertility is also diagnosed if a couple has been trying to get pregnant for a year without success or six months when the woman is over 35 years.

Also, in both cases, some of the more common causes of infertility in a woman include:

  • Poor egg quality (as the quality of eggs a woman has as well as her egg reserve starts to decline from age 35)
  • Anovulation (a lack of ovulation) or irregular ovulation
  • Blocked fallopian tubes
  • Uterine abnormalities
  • Endometriosis
  • Large fibroids
  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)
  • Extreme weight gain loss

While these factors could result in either primary or secondary infertility, causes that are exclusive to the latter include breastfeeding and complications from previous pregnancies.

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7 Ways to Boost Fertility Naturally

Pregnancy is more likely to occur when you are free of any of these common causes of infertility (or certified free after undergoing treatment) and go a step further to boost fertility naturally.

Luckily, it is getting increasingly easier to boost fertility and women are coming to find there are a ton of ways to boost fertility naturally.

Here are seven of the common ways

1) Eat the Right Diet

Certain foods can help boost fertility naturally when you are trying to get pregnant.

These food perform different functions at different times. Here are some foods to include in your diet:

  • Eat foods rich in antioxidants like folate and zinc as these improve fertility by deactivating free radicals in your system.
  • You want to also aim for a healthy breakfast, especially if you suffer from PCOS as this habit has been known to Improve the effects of PCOS.
  • Pack your diet full of fiber-rich foods, as this helps eliminate excess hormones from the body.

Beyond these, you should also eliminate or cut down certain foods known for reducing the chances like excess alcohol, trans fats, and no more than 200 mg of caffeine per day.

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2) Get Enough Exercise

Exercising regularly is also beneficial when trying to get pregnant. Experts recommend getting up to 30 minutes of moderate exercise daily as this helps regulate your hormones and insulin sensitivity.

Exercising here could include taking short walks of 30 -40 minutes, engaging in power walks, jogging, or any other mold to moderate physical exercise activity.

3) Reduce Stress

Reducing stress is also important as a way to boost fertility naturally.

Several studies have found that stress, especially prolonged, can delay your chances of conceiving by up to 29% longer.

Stress disrupts ovulation, which is essential when trying to conceive. It does this by inhibiting the natural functions of the hypothalamus, which is responsible for stimulating the pituitary glands at the right time.

It also affects implantation, so in the event fertilization takes place, the zygote is unable

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4) Get Enough Sleep

Not getting sleep also places your body under undue stress which reduces fertility.

You want to strive to get the recommended 7 -8 hours of sleep daily as several types of research have found that women who get less sleep experience 15% more difficulty when trying to get pregnant.

If undergoing IVF, women who get up to seven hours of sleep daily have a 25% higher chance of a successful IVF cycle.

5) Take a Multivitamin

Taking multivitamins might not exactly be a natural way to boost fertility, but it is an effective method and comes strongly recommended.

Women looking to boost fertility naturally are advised to take one or more multivitamins regularly to make up for a possible lack, since women trying to conceive meed some certain nutrients in certain amounts daily to boost their chances.

Some of these multivitamins you need include:

  • 400 mcg of folic acid before conceiving and up to three months after conception and 600 mcg from then on until the ninth month.
  • Iron
  • B-complex
  • Vitamins C, D, and E
  • Calcium
  • Omega-3s
  • Selenium

Sometimes, taking all these days can be off-putting, not to mention tiring and a good way around this is to identify a multivitamin brand that contains all the necessary vitamins in the right dosages in a single tablet.

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6) Look Towards Improving Male Fertility Too

So… since delayed fertility is not always from the woman, it is always a good idea to boost your partner’s fertility as you do yours, especially in the case of unexplained infertility.

You want to be sure you are leaving no stones unturned; setting all angles to give you both a better chance of conceiving.

Besides the aforementioned, some other good ways to boost fertility naturally in men include

  • Keeping the family jewels free from heat, as this affects sperm volume and quality.
  • Eating a zinc-rich diet.
  • Taking supplements like fenugreek, maca roots, and ashwagandha.
  • Limiting the intake of soy and estrogen-rich foods.
  • Taking a fertility supplement for men.

7) Take Your Mind Off It

Lastly, you want to take your mind off trying to conceive as, while there is no definite research on this, being preoccupied with getting pregnant has been linked to delays.

Final Words

Women, as well as men the world over have found that turning to natural remedies can boost fertility and make you conceive faster.

These remedies don’t just eliminate factors that could be causing the delays, as in the case of excess hormone or irregular ovulation, they also prepare your body for conception

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