baby names for girls

100 Beautiful Baby Names for Girls and Their Meaning

100 Beautiful Baby Names for Girls and Their Meaning

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One of the best parts about pregnancy and childbirth is having to choose a name for your little one. Some parents would choose to give a name already in the family, while a few others would prefer a more unique name, one whose meaning resonates with them.

Thankfully, there are tons of beautiful baby names for choice and you will be spoilt for choice when it’s time to pick.

Here are a hundred of such names along with their meanings:

Baby girl names
baby names for girls

100 Baby Names for Girls You Will Absolutely Love

1) Amelia is German and means striving; industrious.

2) Alessia is Italian and means defending warrior.

3) Arianna is Greek for Holy.

4) Alexandra is also Greek and means defender of mankind.

5) Alice is an English name that means noble or kind.

6) Anne is Hebrew for the favoured grave.

7) Audree is French and means nobility; strength.

8) Avery is also French and is interpreted as wise.

9) Babita is Latin and means one who has an inspiration.

  1. Bahara is of Persian / Iranian origin and means spring or one who brings spring.

11) Bailey is of Old English origin and means berry clearing.

13) Brooklyn is also of English origin and means beautiful brook.

14) Brenda is of Old Norse origin and is interpreted as a sword.

15) Baylee is a French name and means steward.

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116) Brinlee is an Old English name and means burnt meadow.

17) Barbara as a name can’t be traced to a single origin but means foreign or strange.

18) Bridget is of Gaelic/Irish origin and means strength, vigor, virtue, or power.

19) Belinda cant be traced to a single origin and takes on different meanings, depending on the location of its use.

In Old High German, it means bright serpent, as an Italian name it means beautiful.

20) Bethel is a Hebrew name and means House of God.

Baby girl names

21) Blair is of Scottish Gaelic origin and means plain meadow or field.

22) Bianca is of Italian origin and means white.

23) Brynne is a Gaelic name and means noble, drop of water, defender, hill, or black-haired.

24) Bree is an Irish name and means strength or exalted one.

25) Callie is a Greek name and means most beautiful.

26) Calynne is Gaelic for powerful in battle.

27) Charlotte is French for feminine or petite.

28) Claire is Latin and means bright, famous, or brilliant.

29) Cora is a Greek name interpreted as a filled heart.

30) Della is German and means noble, bright.

31) Eleanor is Greek and means sun rays or bright shining one.

32) Ella is an English name and means beautiful fairy woman.

33) Eva is Hebrew for life.

34) Farrah is Arabic for happy.

35) Faye is a French name and means confidence, loyalty, or trust.

36) Gabriella is Hebrew and means the grace of God.

37) Grace is Latin for generosity or goodness.

38) Genevieve is French for white wave.

39) Giselle is a French or German name and means pledge.

40) Gloria Is Latin and means glory and respect.

41) Gwendolyn is Welsh for a fair bow.

42) Guinevere is Celtic and means fair lady.

43) Gertrude is German for spear of strength

44) Geraldine is English and means rules by the spear.

45) Gretel is German for the pearl.

46) Gisella is French or German or pledge.

47) Gale is English and means joyful.

48) Gala is a Norse name interpreted as lovely voice or singer.

49) Hannah is a Hebrew name and means the grace of God.

50) Isabelle is also Hebrew and means devoted to God.

Pregnant woman at home. About 30 years old, Caucasian brunette. (Baby girl names)

51) Jocelyn is Latin for happy or joyful.

52) Kaitlyn is Greek for pure.

53) Layla is an Egyptian name and means dark beauty.

54) Mackenzie is Garlic and means child of the wise leader.

55) Mia is Latin for mine; a wished for child.

56) Mila is Russian for industrious.

57)Nora is Greek for shining light.

58) Reagan is Irish and means little ruler.

59) Riley is an Old English name and means wood clearing.

60) Rachael is Hebrew for ewe; female sheep.

61) Rebecca has no traceable origin and means captivating beauty or “to bind”.

62) Remi is a French name and means remedy.

63) Ruth is a Hebrew name and means compassionate friend.

64) Rania is a Scandinavian name and means queen.

65) Raquel is of Hebrew /Spanish / Portuguese origin and means innocent or ewe

66) Rae is an Old English name and means for.

67) Rain is an English name and means rain.

68) Reka is of Maori origin and means sweet.

69) Rihana is Arabic and means sweet basil herb.

70) Samantha is Hebrew and means listener.

71) Sarah is also a Hebrew name and means princess.

72) Savanna Is an American name and means open plain.

73) Sophia is Greek and means wisdom.

74) Sasha is Russian for defender of mankind.

75) Shannon is an Irish name that means old and wise.

baby names for girls

76) Susan is Hebrew and means lily.

77) Sandra is an English name and means defender of mankind.

78) Sharon is Hebrew and means a plain.

79) Skylar is an Egyptian name and means sky.

80) Simone is French for hearkening.

81) Summer is English and means one born in summer.

82) Sheika is an English name and means blind.

83) Suzanne is French for lily.

84) Thea is a Greek name and means goddess.

85) Talia is of Hebrew origin and means dew of heaven.

86) Tiffany is English and means the appearance of God.

87) Treasure is Latin and means highly valued person.

88) Teresa is Greek and means late summer.

89)Theodora is also Greek and means God’s gift.

90) Tori has Latin /Japanese origins and means bird.

91) Tamara is Arabic and means palm tree or date palm.

92) Uma has Hindi roots and means splendour or tranquility.

93) Ulla is of Old Norse origin and means will or determination.

94) Vivian is Latin and means full of life.

95) Zafina is Arabic for triumph.

96) Zoe is Greek and means life.

97) Zabrina is an English name and means seventh daughter or promise.

98) Zada is Arabic and means lucky or good fortune.

99) Zahara is African and means flower.

100) Zahra is of African /Arabic/ Hebrew origin and means flower or white princess.

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