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A Day in The Life of a Working Mom – How Hectic Life Can Get

A Day in The Life of a Working Mom – How Hectic Life Can Get

I was browsing the internet a few days ago, looking for a fresh topic for this blog.

I get my topic ideas from a few places:

  • Google suggest (what people are searching for)
  • Tailwind tribes
  • Top mom blogs I follow
  • And even Pinterest

Usually, I would get a topic idea, then run it through ahref or SemRush to determine its competitiveness and if it’s worth building up on. If the result comes up as super competitive, then I drop it, however, sometimes I still go ahead to write on it anyway if it’s interesting.

I figure it would get to rank in search engines someday and in the meantime, I could use Pinterest and other platforms to drive traffic to it.

Anyways, on one of my Google searches, I came across the topic:

“A Day in The Life of a Working Mom.”

Now, as a working mom, this topic resonates with me. It’s simple, yet catchy enough to draw attention with the promise of a story.

(And I know most of us love a good story!).

So, I decided to give it a shot.

Now, I must have read a few of these topics on some mom blogs and found most enlightening and others funny enough to the readers entertained and I’m hoping this right here does the same (and even more) for you.

So, here goes:

a day in the life of a working mom
a day in the life of a working mom

A Day in the Life of a Working Mom

4 am

My day typically starts at 4 am when I get up to get started writing.

I run two blogs; this one right here and a relationship blog I acquired earlier this year.

I also publish books on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, so I have my plates full writing different articles, blog posts, and books throughout the day.

My writing keeps me busy till a quarter to 6 am when I wake the kids up for school.

6 am -6:30 am

This time is spent bathing and getting them into their school uniforms. Nathan protests the interruption of his sleep every day by crying and my heart breaks that I have to wake him so early.

However, I always ensure they are in bed by 8. pm so they can get the recommended 10 -11 hours of sleep for their ages 2 -5 years. So, even though I wake them up, I know they aren’t being sleep-deprived.

6.30 am -7 am

We have thirty minutes daily to prepare and eat breakfast and since this meal is usually a light one of cereals or noodles, we always meet this timetable.

a day in the life of a working mom
a day in the life of a working mom

7.15 am

The kids leave for school!

I love the kids being around, but if I’m to be truthful, I know the only time I can meet my writing workload for the day is when they are away at school.

So, while the school bus pulls away, I dash into the bathroom to have my bath and prepare for the day.

I’m a work-from-home mom and earlier on, I would struggle to stay focused and do all that needed to be done.

I think like most work-from-moms, I used to struggle with being disciplined and taking my home job seriously until I came up with a simple strategy.

Now, this might seem a little funny to another ear hearing it, however, it works for me and it very well could for you too.

I noticed early on that I become focused and get a sense of direction only when I’m fully dressed, so even though I left paid employment a few years back, I didn’t stop the habit of still getting dressed for work each day.

With the kids out of the house, I would get dressed and then proceed to my study for work.

8 am -12 noon

Writing takes me all the way to noon when I come out for a 30 -45 minute break.

I drafted a timetable for which aspect of my writing career will be attended to each day.

I spend the greater part of the week writing for this blog, two days a week for my KDP account, and just a day publishing on the second blog.

Noon – 1 pm

I call this 45 minutes break my catching up time and truly, there’s usually a lot to catch up on.

I fix myself a quick lunch and then settle down to read up and respond to my WhatsApp and other messages that might have come in.

If I still have a few minutes left, then I log on to my social media page to catch up on other people’s lives.

a day in the life of a working mom

1 pm – 2 pm

The kids get back by 2.15 pm so I take a break from my break to fix a quick lunch.

There’s a timetable for meals, so I’m never confused about what to cook. Sometimes lunch is just a simple process of heating a meal we had left from the previous day or a few days ago and it’s always done in no time.

2.15 pm -6 pm

Lunch takes a while, then there is the cleaning up and bathing before Nathan takes his nap. Isabella follows suit sometimes, but most times, she’s content to watch a cartoon channel.

This takes us all the way to 6 pm. Nathan joins us a while later and sometimes, they both watch cartoons till six or get bored and turn to other games and activities.

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6 pm – 7 pm

This one hour after cartoon time is homework time and I try to assist the kids as best I can.

7 pm -7.30 pm

Dinner time.

After which I start setting the tone for bedtime.

The kids have a routine they follow on school days.

They are typically in bed by 7.30 pm after a warm bath and then I read them a story from their favourite storybook.

8 pm- 9:30 pm

8 pm is lights-out for the kids. The next hour to an hour and a half is my unwind time. Here I carry out any fun activity that can help me relax.

Most times, I watch movies or series on Netflix or YouTube, read a book, or just update my journal.

10 pm

10 pm is lights-out for me and I find I’m asleep most times before my head even hits the pi

a day in the life of a working mom

Deviation From This Routine

This is how my day typically goes, however, sometimes there are some slight deviations.

I failed to mention I sew clothes on the side. This is one skill I learned professionally. Dressmaking was actually my main source of income for over a decade, however, I soon grew bored with it when I discovered the world of blogging.

I didn’t give it up completely though. I still make dresses for Isabella often, for friends occasionally, and professionally once in a while.

Whenever I have a dress to make, I move my sewing machine into the living room, where I can keep an eye on the kids as they play or watch cartoons.

Our routine is also different on weekends and public holidays when the kids are home, or over the holidays when I have my nephews staying with me.

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Rounding Up

Phew! That about wraps it up!

If you read this mini diary up to this point, then I must say you are a very patient person. At a point, I was beginning to think the post was getting too long, and considered dumping the whole idea.

However, since I came this far, I concluded:

Why not just finish it!

So….this is me finishing it up and feeling happy I did.

There goes my own version of “A Day in the Life of a Working Mom.”

Consider dropping a comment let me know what you think and if your life is anywhere similar to mine or you have a completely different routine with your kids.

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