Work from home jobs for busy moms

6 Work From Home Jobs for Busy Moms in 2021

6 Work From Home Jobs for Busy Moms in 2021

As a mom with two young kids under five, I find I’m constantly on my toes. I run two blogs: this one right here and womenallaround, a relation blog I acquired earlier this year.

I also self-publish books on Amazon, so I’m constantly writing.

Like most people, I am always on the lookout for ways to improve and increase my income. However, because I already have my plate almost full, the only work from home jobs I consider are the ones that won’t require too much time or effort (what’s left of it, anyway).

If you are a mom with very little time on your hands for one reason or the other, but you still would love to earn some extra cash, then this post right here is for you.

I have another guide right here for stay at home moms with a little more time to spare. These stay at home mom jobs are quite lucrative and most are passive, so you want to check it out.

Work from home jobs for busy moms
work from home jobs for busy moms

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6 Work From Home Jobs for Busy Moms

The best work from home jobs for busy moms are ones that don’t just take a little of your time and effort but also won’t require huge capital to start.

Here are six work from home jobs for busy moms you want to check out:

1) Make Money From Your WhatsApp Status

WhatsApp statuses are getting increasingly popular. No matter how busy you are, you can always spare a few minutes at a time to go through your WhatsApp status.

I have a few contacts on my list whose statuses I never want to miss. These guys post messages that range from funny, to enlightening and educative and they are always a welcome and entertaining break from my schedule.

WhatsApp statuses are fun, however, beyond this, most people don’t know you can actually make money from this platform as well.

I only got to know myself a few months back when I saw an advert by a WhatsApp TV media advertising their services.

I sent a message across to the number and got informed I could place a message for $80 a day or $200 for three days. After this bit of information, I took it upon myself to sort of monitor this WhatsApp TV and discovered they get a minimum of 10 to 15 adverts spread throughout the day.

Now, at $80, that’s around $800 to $1,200 daily just posting messages on your status.

I don’t know how much lucrative a business can be!

WhatsApp Tv: What It Is

WhatsApp Tv is a feature rolled out by WhatsApp incorporated where users can keep their contacts entertained through a series of status messages. As a platform, it makes it effective for businesses to engage with and connect with their audiences.

While WhatsApp was launched in February 2009, the status feature only came about in February 2017. However, in the four years since its launch, it has grown to become quite popular.

How to Get Started with WhatsApp TV Media

Now, I’ll be honest with you here and say building your Whatsapp business to the point where you start to make this enviable earning daily is no small feat. You will be needing a few things to get started, some of which are:

  • The WhatsApp Business App (while the regular Whatsapp works just fine, however, with it, you’d be limited in how much you can do. WhatsApp Business comes with a few extra functionalities like the option to set up your business details, respond to messages automatically, add a logo and also see an analytic of how users interact with your messages.
  • A business name (I recommend getting it registered so your business gets a legal ground).
  • A logo for your WhatsApp TV business
  • A greeting message which users get shown when they reach out to you.
  • A high-capacity phone with ample RAM and ROM space to accommodate lots of contacts because the truth is, you need a lot of contacts (in the thousands to start to make money).
  • An email address. The recommended option for saving your contacts for a few reasons:
  • Not only does an email offer more room to save a lot more numbers than a phone would.
  • It also keeps your contact list secure in the event your phone gets broken or lost.

Growing Your Contact List

This is the most important aspect of your WhatsApp TV business. Now, this section might be coming now, but it actually should precede every other step.

You can only think of monetizing when you have the contact to speak of.

Growing your list here isn’t exactly difficult, it just takes some time and or requires some smarts.

Here are some good ways to achieve this:

  • Update your status regularly by posting engaging content. People love fun, entertaining content to help relieve some of the stress of the day, and doing this will over time give you word-of-mouth advertising.
  • Give out a freebie. Can you think back to a time when someone promised you a gift in exchange for your email? Well, this method also works to grow your contact list.

What you do is promise this freebie in exchange for people saving your contact.

  • Use one or more social media platforms to drive traffic.
  • Reach out to large, established WhatsApp TVs to advertise.

Making Money From Your Contact List

Once you grow your list to a large extent, the next thing to do would be to monetize. At this point, you can update your status informing people your account is open for business. Of course, you should have a screenshot of the proof of your large views at this point, which interested advertisers are definitely going to want to see.

To get things going while the adverts inquiries come, you could look into other means of monetization like:

  • Sharing your affiliate links.
  • Selling your personal products
  • Sharing shortened links.
work from home jobs for busy moms
work from home jobs for busy moms

2) Make Money from Dropshipping

Another great work from home job for busy moms is dropshipping.

Dropshipping works for the following reasons:

  • You won’t need a huge startup capital since you won’t be buying any products.
  • You won’t be needing a storage area.
  • You also won’t be needing to keep inventories.

Your main and only job would be to connect prospective buyers to brands to get your commission.

For this, you can work out a rate with the brands to get a payment each time a sale is completed or you could get the product price then add a competitive commission before passing this new price to the buyer.

The customer makes a transfer, you take out the commission and transfer the standard product price to the brand.

3) Go Into Domain Flipping

You could also opt for a domain flipping business. This option is best for busy moms as, unlike with a blog where you have to come up with tons of content, create backlinks, and carry out other on-page, off-page, and technical SEO tips to rank, with a domain name you are saved all that.

Yea, you could still take some time to build some backlinks so your domain increases in domain authority and becomes more valuable. However, you can boycott most of this work by just buying an already established domain name from a domain broker.

With most of the heavy works did you could turn around to sell them the very next day if you so desire.

Domain flipping is quite profitable and anyone can get started with the right knowledge.

Work from home jobs for busy moms
work from home jobs for busy moms

4) Earn from Squadhelp

Squadhelp is also a domain flipping website. However, the one twist it has is that it offers a few more options to make money:

  • You make money listing your domain for sale and earn a commission when the sale pulls through.
  • You take part in naming contests where you would win up to $300 if your domain name gets selected as the winner, including the commission from the sale.
  • You suggest a domain name and earn a commission when it sells.

This post is going to be focused on the third.

Earning Money on SquadHelp with Domain Name Suggestion

Earning money with SquadHelp name suggestion is great for a few reasons:

  • You spend nothing registering the domain.
  • You also aren’t required to renew the domain when it expires.

How Name Suggestion with Squadhelp Works

Upon signing up for an account and completing your profile, you suggest a domain which then goes into review. If accepted, Squadhelp proceeds to register it and lists it for sale.

If this domain sells within a year, you earn 25% of the sales. If the sale happens in the second year you earn 22.5% and 20% if it sells in the third year.

If no sale takes place after three years, then the domain gets dropped and you earn nothing.

The two things you would require to succeed in this business are the knowledge of what makes a good brandable name and a lot of patience.

5) Make Money from Videos You Didn’t Make

This is probably my favorite on the list of work from home jobs for busy moms and that’s because it requires very little to no effort.

You likely are aware of the YouTube platform by now and use it to find information on stuff.

Videos on YouTube were created by creators with the intent to make me from them.

There are all kinds of content on YouTube, with more still ben uploaded by the hour.

Creating a YouTube video takes a lot of work and time and some people find they don’t have the patience for this.

However, it is still quite possible to run a YouTube channel without having to create a single video and it has to do with uploading videos under Creative Commons.

It’s sort of like being free to reuse and upload books in the public domain unto the Amazon KDP platform after adding a few illustrations and/connotations.

Videos Under creative Commons work the same way. These videos have been specifically marked free to be reused as you will, even for commercial purposes.

This means you can set up a channel, pick a niche, and get started uploading videos from Creative Commons to your channel.

I would recommend adding a little spin on the video so it becomes slightly different from the original as while YouTube does allow the use of these videos, you are less likely to run into delays when trying to monetize when your videos are differentiated.

Here’s what YouTube says on the subject:

The spirit of this policy is to make sure we’re monetizing original content that adds value to viewers. If you put a funny or thoughtful spin on content you didn’t originally create, you’ve transformed the content in some way. It’s generally OK to have this type of content on your channel, but individual videos may be subject to other policies like copyright. In other words, we allow reused content if viewers can tell that there’s a meaningful difference between the original video and your video.

You also want to create your own thumbnail too, so your video stands out from any other.

Work from home jobs for busy moms
work from home jobs for busy moms

6) Sell ebooks You Didn’t Write

This works on the same principle as Creative Commons videos and Public Domain Books.

It is quite possible to make money selling ebooks you didn’t write and you can achieve this by looking into PLR books.

PLR stands for Private Label Rights. If you didn’t already know about it, here’s what it means:

An individual or group of persons write a book, article, or create a software, then they make it available for reuse, even commercially.

Most times, these reuse rights are given for free, but in some cases, there’s usually a one-time fee attached to it.

Getting the Most Out of PLR Books

While you can put these books up for sale as soon as you acquire them, I strongly recommend you do a little edit first.

I don’t know about you, but personally, I would feel cheated if I purchased a freely-available product online

You want to add a little more information to the book, take out some (if need be), and edit a little so it becomes fairly unique.

Some good PLR sites for both paid and free book content include:

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