5 Stay at Home Mom Jobs to Give You Constant Cash

5 Stay at Home Mom Jobs to Give You Constant Cash

5 Stay at Home Mom Jobs to Give You Constant Cash

I am a stay at home mom, have been since March 2020 when I lost my job as an email marketing temp. However, the transition from paid employment to working from home has been a fun and fulfilling one.

A phase I thought would be a temporary one as I searched for another job turned out to be so lucrative, I forgot the idea of getting a paid employment altogether.

If you are thinking of transitioning to stay at home mom jobs, then you should totally give it a go.

Here are some obvious benefits you’ll be getting from this work type:

1) Flexibility of your time.

If you used to get up very early to make breakfast, prepare the kids for school, pack their lunches, and also get yourself ready all in time so you don’t arrive late at work, then working from home will be a breath of fresh air.

Now you can get your morning chores done and still take an hour or two for yourself before needing to start.

2) You Forgo the Stress of Constant Traffic

This used to be the pits for me; being stuck in hours of traffic as I commute to work.

Now the only traffic I face (if ever) is that of my kids’ toys littered from here to Jericho.

3) Money Saving

Before now, you would need to set aside a portion of your salary to be used for transportation (buying gas for your car or taking the bus).

Now, this money would be available, free to be put to other good use.

You would also be buying fewer work outfits since you can turn up at your “work station” in casuals, your pajamas, or even your birthday suit (kidding).

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4) More Time for More Work

I used to spend 3 to 4 hours daily commuting, now with this time saved, I could spend it any way I pleased, even taking up more jobs to earn more money.

5) You Get to Spend More Time With Your Kids

The best part of all is that you can spend as much time as you want with your kids, getting to know them and not miss any part of their growing up.

6) Your Day Can be Planned

Your time can also be better planned and organized with everything in its place.

There will be your work time, time to be a mom, time to organize, and also quality time to spend with your partner.

With a time for everyone and everything in its place, you will find you are a lot more fulfilled.

Phew, with that out of the way, here are

Stay at home mom jobs
Stay at home mom jobs

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5 Stay at Home Mom Jobs to Give You Constant Cash

1) Become a Blogger

I started this blog around June 2020 and for almost a year it wasn’t monetized. I wasn’t even posting regularly as I had another work from home stream bringing in almost 80% of my income.

However, I stumbled upon a blog post detailing how mom bloggers like mommakecents, shemeansblogging, and twinsmommy are making a full-time income from their blogs.

These ladies make hundreds to several hundred thousand doing something they absolutely love!

I didn’t need any more convincing to take this career path seriously and so I got this blog monetized with media.net ads.

Blogging can make you a lot of money, however, getting your blog to that point where it becomes a cash cow spitting out money regular is not a walk-in-park. It would require a lot of time and tons of quality content before you can even start to see some traction.

For anyone looking into this work from home job, here are a few helpful tips I give them:

  • Blogging is a job and you’ve got to treat it like one from the beginning to record any level of success in it.

This starts with taking the time to come up with an effective domain name, one that fits in with what your blog is about.

Don’t just pick a name off the top of your head. You want to carry out some research beforehand and come up with a name that’s short, easy to remember, doesn’t contain hyphens or numbers, and has your focus keywords.

  • Next, you want to settle for a reliable host that’s known for 99.9% uptime, is heavy on security, and has excellent customer service.

I recommend BlueHost. They have one of the best hosting plans and you should check them out

  • You also want to get started writing at least 15 high-quality, long-form content. Each blog post should be a minimum of 1,500 words, and should fully cover the topic you are treating.

Longer content does better in search results and you’d be giving your blog a good head start by opting for this.

  • Fill each pot with relevant, high-resolution images to clearly interpret the post and boost the user experience.
  • Next, you would need a handful of plugins that perform different functions.

Rank Math – This is an SEO plugin that helps optimize your posts to rank in search results. Each post gets a score from 1 – 100 and the closer you are to 100, the more optimized that post and the likely it is to rank in Search Engine Results Pages (SERP).

Some bloggers opt for Yoast SEO plugin, which is just as great. However, with Rank Math, you get the benefit of being able to rank for multiple keywords, even on the free plan.

Insert Header and Footer– A great plugin for inputting codes into your website without requiring any coding skills.

Light Speed Cache – A cache plugin that creates a cache of your site where needed, boosting your site’s loading speed.

Loading speed is one of the factors used for ranking websites. The faster a site loads, the higher the position it gets in search results.

JetPack – A security, performance, and marketing tool.

Loginizer – Another security plugin that helps you fight against brute force attacks by blocking logins from an IP after it reaches a maximum number of retries.

Revive Old Posts – This plugin helps send your old posts automatically to your social media pages and you can set it so tags are posted along with these articles.

Stay at home mom jobs
Stay at home mom jobs

Making Money from Your Blog

Some people will say you shouldn’t even consider monetizing your blog until you start to get massive traffic from it. However, I’ll say you start whenever you feel like it.

It’s not like anyone is going to sue you for starting even at that early stage and besides, you can still earn some good money even with low traffic.

I made my very first earning with just thirty-six impressions one fine day.

When you decide to optimize, some good options to consider include:

  • Contextual Ads (like Google Adsense, Media.net, or Mediavine)
  • Affiliate Marketing (Amazon, ShareASale, Bluehost)
  • Sponsored Post
  • Sell Merchandise
  • Accepting Donations (using sites like Patreon, Buy Me a Coffee, and Ko-fi)
  • Sell Personal Ad Space
  • Sell Online Courses

Getting Traffic to Your Site

The best and the cheapest traffic to target is organic traffic. If you get your keyword research right, you should continue to get growing and consistent traffic, the more your site ages.

Besides organic traffic, another type of traffic you want to target is social media traffic, specifically Pinterest traffic.

Pinterest is a social media platform and a search engine – the third largest search engine – with over two billion active monthly users. You want to look into creating attractive, vertical pins and optimizing them with relevant tags to increase your reach.

The more your traffic grows, the more your earnings does too until it gets to a point where it can comfortably replace any other income source you might have.

Stay at home mom jobs
Stay at home mom jobs

2) Set Up a YouTube Channel

If blogging is not your thing – if you are more the in front of the scene kinda woman – then you should check out YouTubing as a work from home option.

YouTube is another social site and a search engine – the second-largest – where you can make a shit load of money creating video content (ask successful mom YouTubers like SunkissedMom, BritneyandBaby, and LifeasaMommy who makes thousands from their channels).

Getting started is also pretty easy and with a

You can get your first video uploaded within 24 hours.

Like blogs, YouTube has almost the same options for monetization: from affiliate marketing to sales of merchandise, and donations.

The two monetization options that set this platform aside, however, are YouTube Partnership Programme and Video Sponsorship.

How YouTube Partnership Programme Works

To become eligible to earn with the YouTube Partnership Programme, your channel would be required to meet YouTube’s criteria of getting 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours within 12 months.

Once this is met, YouTube manually reviews your channel to be sure it also complies with its Terms and Policies before you finally get accepted.

You can speed up how fast you meet this monetization criteria with these tips: uploading videos regularly, posting Youtube shorts (videos that are less than 60 seconds long which seem to be quite popular at the moment, and getting a lot of traction), going live with some of your videos, commenting on other videos around the platform, carrying out extensive video optimization using youtube keywords research tools like VidIQ and TubeBuddy, and regularly sharing your videos.

Stay at home mom jobs
Stay at home mom jobs

3) Sell YouTube Channels

Notice I didn’t list this as one of the ways of making money from YouTube? That’s because it is not quite a popular monetization method yet with a lot of people being unaware of it.

However, this is one super lucrative way to make money from YouTube. The amount of money you can make flipping youtube channels is massive.

Also, contrary to widely-held thoughts, this line of business is 100% legal.

Yea, YouTube has no qualms with channel ownership changing hands.

So, there’s absolutely nothing standing in your way if you decide to pursue this stay at home mom job.

Why Turn to Flipping YouTube Channel?

YouTube criteria for monetization might look pretty achievable, however, a lot of YouTubers struggle to meet it. Remember you are required to meet these criteria within 12 months.

For persons wanting to boycott the stress of this, buying an already monetized channel is the easy option.

They see it as an investment, the way you would invest in a brick-and-mortar business. With this channel monetized and growing, you are likely to make your capital back within a year anyway.

YouTube channels sell for 24 to 30 times their monthly earning. This means if a channel is already grossing $500 to 1,000 monthly, you can sell it for around $12,000 to $40,000, depending on your niche and how engaged your audience is.

You can sell a channel today and start another the next day, or have a few growing at the same time to maximize your earning potential.

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4) Publish Books on Amazon KDP

Book publishing on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is another terrific stay at home mom jobs.

This actually is something I have been into since 2015 and remains my main income channel to date.

If writing comes easy to you, then you want to consider this option.

Publishing books on Amazon KDP is also great because it is largely a passive income stream, which means you will continue to earn, even if you stop publishing.

A little heads up though, one fact (unconfirmed) I have noticed about the KDP platform is that Amazon stops promoting your published books as much If you don’t upload a new book in two months.

Of course, you will continue to record sales from your other books, but this would be nowhere as near as much as you would when you publish monthly.

That said, KDP publishing is still very lucrative and comes highly recommended due to the several earning options available to publishers.

For every book you upload onto the platform you have the option of making it available in five to six different formats:

  • Ebook
  • Paperback
  • Large Prints
  • Expanded Distribution
  • Audiobook

There’s the sixth option of hardcover, but this is not yet open to everyone.

With these options, publishing a single book gives you six different books which translates to more money for you.

Making the Most from Amazon Kindle Publishing

I’ve had people come up to me a few times to ask how they can get started publishing on the Amazon platform and here’s the recommendation I give:

Start from the known to the unknown.

The known here are topics you have a vast knowledge of. Seeing your books sell in such topics will give you that confidence to move to the unknown; these being topics you’d need to carry out extensive keyword and content research to do well in.

For your keyword research, I recommend using the following tools:

  • The Amazon Search Bar (supplies up to ten keyword variations for every seed keyword you input).
  • Amazon Huge Keyword Expander (a Chrome addon that supplies every single keyword associated with the seed keyword you supplied, not just the ten keywords the search bar originally shows).
  • Asinseed.com (a website that helps you spy on your competition. What you do is copy the Asin number of the book to be checked and this tool pulls out every keyword it’s ranking for).
  • Amazon DS Quick view (gives you the Best Seller Rank at a glance).
  • Published Rocket (I don’t use this tool, but friends swear by it being one of the best).

What Type of Books Do Well?

  • Evergreen books on popular subjects.
  • Howto books
  • Low content and no content books (especially children books and daily planners)
  • Books on the current trend (the just concluded US elections opened up a few keywords: Joe Biden and Kamala Haris opened up two keywords that went on to become popular.
  • Summary books (written with the permission of the author whose book you are summarizing).

Making your bookshelf a blend of all book types ensures you continue to earn all year round.

Stay at home mom jobs
Stay at home mom jobs

5) Earn from Facebook Instream Ads

Facebook also offers another work from home earning opportunity for content creators.

If you create video content, then you should check out this platform for earning.

However, the opportunity to earn from Facebook is not thrown open to everyone and is further streamlined to just Facebook pages.

Facebook groups and personal profile pages aren’t eligible.

If you have a Facebook fan page that meets these Facebook monetization criteria, then you want to look into this monetization option:

  • You must be at least 18 years of age.
  • You should be in a country eligible for Facebook instream video ads.
  • You should generate a minimum of 30,000 1-minute views on videos that are at least 3 minutes long in the last 30 days.
  • Your page should have at least 10,000 followers.

Once you meet these criteria, you get accepted into the programme and upon acceptance, Facebook monetizes your videos and you get to decide which videos you want to show ads.

There are three types of ads placement available in the Facebook in-stream ad programme: pre-roll, mid-roll, and image ads and you choose which you want to be placed on your videos. You can choose to manually place these ads, inserting them at spots you feel are best for engagement, or turn on auto ads and leave this decision to Facebook

With these videos monetized, making money from your Facebook page becomes passive and you earn each time those videos are watched.

Final Words

Stay at home mom jobs are quite easy to start. Also, because of how lucrative most are, most people fall into the temptation of trying to have a few going at the same time.

However, I’ll recommend avoiding this. I made this mistake at the beginning of my stay at home career and the result was being less effective in all streams.

A better approach would be to start one and groom it until it starts to bring in consistent income almost unaided, before looking into another. This way, your first stream would continue to produce an income, while you go through the teething stage for the new one.

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