Fun facts about babies

33 Fun Facts About Babies

33 Fun Facts About Babies

If you love babies, then here are twenty-two fun facts about these little angels that will thrill you!

Almost everyone who sees a baby would instantly fall in love with them, not with their tenderness, milky smell and that smile that just seem to pull at your heartstrings.

Babies have a tenderness that is catching and besides this, there are quite a number of other things about these little species of humans that are fun, surprising or just downright funny.

Here are thirty-three of such things:

Fun facts about babies

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33 Fun Facts About Babies

1) Babies Don’t Cry

This ordinary would be the best news for new parents who lose a whole lot of sleep at the arrival of their new babies. However, since babies do not actually not cry, this can’t exactly be considered fun for the new parents.

Babies don’t cry, or in actuality, don’t produce any tears when they do at least not until they are three weeks old as their tear ducts aren’t fully developed.

2) Babies Have More Bones

Adults have 206 bones, while babies have a whole lot more, about 46% more. Babies get born with 300 bones but these start to fuse together as they grow to become 206.

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3) Babies Need a Lot of Sleep

They sleep a lot (around 16 to 17 hours daily) during the first few weeks of their lives, which is truly good news for the parents who would need as much rest as they can get during this period.

This extended sleep period is actually needed for you to catch up on your sleep and recover a lot faster.

4) Babies Can Recognize Your Taste in Music

Research shows that babies can hear from the 16th week in vitro and can actively listen to music from the 24th. Studies have also found that playing music aids in your babies development as well as strengthen the bond between mother and child.

Once your baby gets born, they can recognize your particular taste in music.

5) You Baby Can Produce Poop that Doesn’t Smell

Sadly, this only happens just that one time when she gives off her first poop called meconium. Meconium is composed of amniotic fluid, mucus and some of the substance ingested by the baby while in the womb. It contains none of the bacteria found in the intestine that gives poop its awful small.

6) Babies Laugh a Lot

Around 300 times daily, which is five times the number of times adults do on average. But then again, they have not a care in the world and get all the love a person can receive!

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7) Babies Have 30,000 Taste Bud

Babies have about 30,000 taste buds, while adults have around 10,000 and these develop in their third trimester.

However, they can only recognize sweet and sour tastes and none of salt, until they are around three months old.

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8) Babies Grow a Lot in the Womb

While in the womb, your baby grows a lot, about 3 million times! Which means your baby is growing at every second of the day!

9) Babies Go Through a Whole Lot of Diapers

From when they are born up until they get potty trained, your baby goes through a whole lot of diapers; around 8,000 in number, so you want to stock-up on diapers as much as you can.

10)’A Whole Lot of These Diapers are Used in the First Year Alone

Yea, of the 8,000 diapers used, babies go through almost 30% of this in the first year alone.

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11) Babies Have a Hard Time Recognizing Colours for the First Three Months

Your baby will recognize black, white and grey colours easily, but as she grows, the first real colour she’ll come to recognize is red while blue would be among the last colours she’ll master.

12) You will Lose a Lot of Sleep in the First Year

While her arrival can be exciting and bring on a lot of love, one slight price to pay for having this amazing bundle of joy is that you will lose a whole lot of sleep that first year.

Since babies have an irregular sleep pattern, this can disrupt your usual sleep pattern, making you lose an approximate 44 days worth of sleep that year.

You want to balance this by adjusting your sleep timetable to hers and sleeping when she does, that way you are refreshed always.

13) Babies Prefer High Pitched Voice

Babies prefer a high pitched voice to low pitched one and will respond more to the former.

14) Babies are Born with No Kneecap

They have what appears to be kneecaps where knees are supposed to be, but theirs are made of up cartilage and not bones.

15) Babies Have a More Advanced Sense of Smell

Their sense of smell is quite heightened, more so than that of adults, and this serves them well as they use this in recognizing their parents.

16) Birthmarks are Quite Common on Babies

Birthmarks, also called angel kisses are quite common and a lot more babies get born with one or more of these (over one third of babies do). Some birthmarks disappear before you baby turns a year but the majority stay on beyond this time

17) They Have a Stomach Size that Grows Exponentially

A newborn’s stomach is quite small, measuring about the size of a hazel. This, however continues to grow daily and by day ten, the stomach would be the size of a golf ball.

18) Baby Boys’ Brains Grow Faster Than Baby Girls’ in the First Three Months

Research shows that baby boys’ brains grow faster than baby girls’, although the later have more heightened hearing and vision senses.

Fun facts about babies

19) Babies are Superhuman

Well…almost. Studies have shown that babies can breath and swallow at the same time, up until they are six months old, a feat that is quite impossible for adults to accomplish.

20) Babies Eyes are Almost as Large as an Adult’s

A baby’s eyes are almost the size of an adults at birth, measuring almost 75% of an adults .

21) Babies Cry in Accents

This might seem weird, but apparently, babies cry in their mother tongue. Which means a baby from Asia would cry in the cadence of his mother tongue, while one from Africa would do so in the same cadence and tone.

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22) Babies Have Unique Cries

Each baby has a distinct cry and a mother can usually pick out her baby’s from a crowd just three days after her birth (this is one fact that will continue to amaze and thrill you as a mom)

23) Female Babies Spend More Time in the Womb

Female babies spend a day longer in the womb on average (putting on make-up, I guess).

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24) May Babies Are Stronger?

Babies born in May weigh more than babies born in any other month of the year.

25) Babies’ Toilet Habits

A newborn pees every twenty minutes, another reason to get more diapers.

26) Preference

Your newborn would prefer to turn his head to the right, rather than the left.

27) Babies Everywhere!

Every minute 250 baby gets born somewhere in the world. 385,000 babies get born daily.

28) Length

Your baby’s intestines are just 11 feet long but will double in length by the time she becomes an adult.

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29) Babies Can Swim

Well…not quite. However, your baby has the innate ability to hold her breath underwater. Babies can have a swell time swimming though, with enough assistance.

Fun facts about babies

30) Most Newborns Lose Weight

Most newborns lose around 5% – 10% of their baby weight and while this can be a cause for concern to some parents, it really shouldn’t as most babies will regain this weight within two weeks.

31) No Hair

Babies lose all of the hair they get born with by four months but will usually grow a new head of hair to replace this.

32) Sleep Time

Several things can lure your baby to sleep easily, including a white noise machine,

33) Baby Boys and Erections

Baby boys get erections too, especially just before they pee and its perfectly normal.

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