Things you should teach your daughter

10 Things You Should Teach Your Daughter Often

10 Things You Should Teach Your Daughter Often

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Too many girls grow up never being told enough how amazing they are; how perfect they are in their strengths and their imperfections. They never get to hear (or hear often enough) how their strengths might make them admirable, but their flaws make them human.

So they grow up incomplete, with this skewed view of themselves, constantly needing validation often to feel better. Most end up catty, thinking being mean to the next girl or person will make them superior, feared, or accepted. They end up in the wrong relationship; with a man who feeds their need for love, so long as it promotes his selfish desires.

There is a lot of brokenness around us; little girls who grew up under the wrong atmosphere hearing often how she’s nothing and will amount to nothing.

There are siblings who grew up seeing one sibling shine and get all the praises while they struggled to even come in average. Some girls have been abused and have been browbeaten into silence.

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As women and mothers, we can rid the world of this brokenness, one little girl, at a time and it all starts with the power of our words and the strength of our actions.

Here are ten things you should tell your daughter often to build up her psyche:

Here are 10 Things You Should Teach Your Daughter Often

Things you should teach your daughter
Raising confident daughters: Things you should teach your daughter

1) Tell Her Often How Much You Love Her

Kids need to hear often how much you love them. Knowing they are loved unconditionally helps them grow into secure, well-adjusted adults.

Telling your daughter often how much you love her will also give her that security she needs, that way she’s less likely to crave and search for it in the wrong places.

2) Let Her Know You Believe in Her

Let her know often how much you believe in her and in her ability. While it’s instinct to want to protect our kids, letting them make their own decisions, while we stay in the background to guide them will go a long way to build up confident adults.

3) Tell Her She is Beautiful!

A lot of people argue that telling little girls they are beautiful is unhealthy, as it could make them too focused on physical appearance above inner qualities. However, not telling them could be more harmful.

The world is filled with as many mean and vile people eager to pass their frustrations off on you, as it is with good people.

Your daughter will get enough people trying to put her down; magnify her flaws and make her doubt her self worth and choosing to not counter this by building a solid foundation, is leaving her self-esteem to chance.

You should praise your daughter for her beauty, strength, and good character as often as you can.

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4) Teach Her that Self Confidence and Self-Respect are Two of the Most Beautiful Gifts She Can Give Herself

Teach her that self-confidence is one of the qualities that make a woman beautiful. Let her know that she’s beautiful in both her strengths and weaknesses and both exist to make her who she is.

Let her know that being herself is the best gift she can give herself.

Raising confident daughters: Things you should teach your daughter

5) Teach Her to Respect Others and to Also Ask that Respect of Others

Teach her that respecting people doesn’t in any way belittle her, but is a good moral value that builds trust.

When you respect people, you are showing them they are of value and will likely get paid back in respect and friendship.

Teach her also to always demand this respect from others in a subtle and to stand up for herself if anyone tries to disrespect her.

6) Teach Her that Honesty and Loyalty are Two Qualities that Never Go Out of Fashion

Teach her that to have real friends, she first has to show herself a true friend. Let her know that honesty and loyalty are two qualities every friendship needs and they never go out of fashion.

Let her know that being true, definitely trumps being mean and people will remember that girl who was a true friend long after they have forgotten the popular mean kid.

7) Teach Her to Never be Afraid to be Herself

Teach her to always speak up for herself, no matter the number of voices against her. Her opinions matter too and they should always be heard.

8) Teach Her to Never Settle for Less Than She Deserves

Let her know that she deserves to be with someone who genuinely loves her and treats her right, the same way she does him

Raising confident daughters: Things you should teach your daughter

9) Teach Her that a Man Who Truly Loves Her will Never Hit Her

Let her know that a man who hits her doesn’t love her and if he does it once, he will do it again. Let her know that no woman deserves to be treated that way and his actions are in no way her fault.

Let her know that she doesn’t have to put up with any form of domestic violence and walking away and/or seeking help from friends and family doesn’t make her weak or a bad partner.

10) Teach Her Life is Not a Bed of Roses But There’s Always Light at the End of the Tunnel

Let her know that life is filled with ups and downs but the downs don’t last forever. There’s always sunshine at the end of the rain.


Tell your daughter often what an amazing person she is. Let her know that her height, complexion, or weight are just perfect for her. Teach her to love and accept herself the way she is; every strength and flaw. Let her hear often how her quiet personality is the right one for her and is in no way less amazing than her more social or outgoing sibling. Most importantly, teach her that invariably, what truly matters is a good heart and a good one is always, always beautiful.

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